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Title :  Selling Games Revealed - Q&A
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You want to know what you need to make a successful game? I think you have a good idea, but not sure how the player is it ot? A Q&a with Joe Lieberman, the author of "the Indie developers guide to selling Games", it may be the revelation you need

Joe Lieberman is back excited about the games", The Indie developers guide to selling games", a title, the fight quickly becoming a must-have for all, the creators of games that in order to survive in a market dominated by, some choked to say, of the big players.

Let�s start with a little about yourself, who you are and what makes it, is competent enough to write a book?

Well, apart from the Name of Joseph Lieberman, who has it�s own game-politicians in connection with branches in the United States, I have a number of other skills. My favorite part about this is that I have studied games since I was a kid. Not only play in the basement of my house, with friends, but in reality, he took the time to understand how a child, the various models of the games and you will see the development of the games. On a scale of 1-10 in a dark knowledge of the game I have a 8.5 give. I special attention to the multiplayer world, had predicted that the future of the games before, I was still in high school. Ok, so if to be a boy, she loved to impress video-games didn�t each: I also have a business degree in Marketing from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and I have my own marketing company while I was still a Boy. Immediately, I began with the independent developers, in the development of networks and the improvement of the marketing of your values. So, since I'm a junior in UF, I have to build and learn, with every day that passes, as I hope, is a reputation, the won is more possible to perfectly: so much so that I'm the only one, of the PR service offers a 100% money-back guarantee! Because I feel that MOST PR firms demand a lot more of what ½re theyï ¿(the majority, not all), is that it is pretty to.

What inspired you to start the marketing of indie games?

Well, there are two things really. First of all, I didn�t have enough experience in the market than anything else. Secondly, I am heavily involved in the animation of the community (now www.indiegamer.com ) from indie developer whoï¿high level of innovation was equal to the level at the end of the marketing and ignorance. So I saw a wonderful opportunity, and what I had planned to start as a part-time job at the University and quickly developed into a trade fair for the entire week, also studied, so much so that I was HAPPY from my University, working as the managing Director of the company. I still remember my first content, press release, was for Winter and the wolves (Software www.winterwolves.com up to 35 USD. My first payment of PR job was, Crawled cancel Gamesï how ½to the war, I think now he has paid around us $ 50 (if only a worldwide coverage in magazines and print - only didn�t sell so well).

What inspired you to write, The Indie-Developerï¿the leader in the sale of Games?

Well, as my popularity is the size of my customers and the price you are willing to me for my services. As a result, I began to shrink in the course of the last year, you must begin, the small indie developer. Unfortunately, I have bills to pay, to feed a child, and to devote a limited amount of time to do this. While VGSmart the policy has still, the advice is ALWAYS free and I always take the time to answer questions that people say to me e-mail, I hate the people that the instructions are all, what I can give. So, instead of having the little man I decided to make a guide that helps you write, on your way.

Who are these customers that the presentation of your time?

Well, it is mainly a mixture between the three most important customers and many smaller customers. The most important customers �every month� type of transactions, the smallest, the clients hire me often in 1-2 months, what is more profitable for a company of their size. I'm not trying to have, it is a conflict between the interests of the customers, so that you�ll notice that they all do different things.
The three most important are:

Matrix-Spiele (Strategie, Digital Editor) www.matrixgames.com
Tri Synergy (einzelhandel Editor) www.trisynergy.com
ArcadeTown (internet-Portal) www.arcadetown.com

The smallest of my clients are very different, but the consistent are:
Ninjabee Software / Wahoo Studios (www.ninjabee.com)
Caravelle (games www.caravelgames.com)
Amaranth (games www.aveyond.com)

And some of the others have been re-set me for a couple of months, and this is probably is the next time your game is ready to go, J

Das ist Der Indie-Developerï¿ist of the Guía de la Venta de los Juegos dirigidos?

I would say that a beginner � intermediate book for small businesses, all the way to the bottom, a man-teams in the development, selling their products in the ONLINE game mainly.. I don't put the emphasis on casual games, indie, because those looking for more marketing opportunities (less dependence on the preset traffic flow, i.e., the portals). If you�ve got a business management bachelor's degree and several years of experience in the gaming industry thereï ¿, probably, nothing new in this book. However, I have to go to an extended concept in the last Chapter, is, in my view, on the causes of the online purchase of games.

So, share with us what you take on the causes for the game online to buy?

Now, in order not to spoil the surprise at the end, but basically boils down to this: Motivation. The theory that I have, I have the name of Joseph Lieberman�ber the Motivation of the pyramid in the hope of one day as famous as that of Maslow, is that shopping online games are completely based on emotion. The decisive factor in the increase in sales is figuring out what is the motivation for the desire to play more is. I think the increase of your motivation for wanting more after the demo of the ends, very likely to buy and then break what are the motivating factors that were involved in the games. This goes directly against the idea that you can win more sales, with a logical argument for why your game is bought. I think that the logic is in this sense, it is completely bunk bed. Thereï¿there are not makes more sense why you buy a game you buy a 25-per-cent package of chewing gum in the command line (I like the Big Red I). You buy the package of chewing gum on a whim, with no motivation, which refers to a variety of factors. I'm down what are the factors that you are divided into the games in three categories: Macro-motives, Micro-reason and the Motivation Constant. You buy the book, if you want the set of the blade (See resulting i�m the creation of motivation!).

Looks very interesting. What other concepts are covered?

So you can see the entire table of contents www.indiegameguide.com . In General, the main chapters are: Pre-development of the Marketing research a target audience, the definition of what their game should and shouldn�t, this type of demonstration, the intention to use, the development of Marketing (building a website, creating traffic, and attracts the interest), the release of Marketing (such as the reporting of the media, advertising, portals, and publication), after the liberation of Marketing (Updates, upgrades, new editions) and The future (a little silver lining-style-thoughts about the future of the online industry. The last Chapter on the theories advanced, as above, from the roots of the grass and the viral marketing, and others.

What is your goal with this book?

My goal for the reader is that people use it to learn or remember, what actions to take and when. Is isn�t a textbook. I don�t intent to take replace a few marketing classes. However, I've tried to write, to read very much more, enjoyable and easy, that the method that you could find in a textbook. My intention is that even the most marketing-negative-able to understand the developers and the concepts, without boring you to tears (as I have been at it for four years). My next step after is straight into the current developer of this book, bought some of the games, the teacher recommended reading.

My goal in the sale of only 300 copies, which is what I rate I have to pay, the time it took to write and edit, is exactly. I have a post on my blog vgsmart.blogspot.com) that 300 copies is about $6,000 in non-profit, which is quite thin. The day I write this, has broken the book finally, self-distribution, so that it's all downhill from there.

Are you planning more books?

So, I have been invited to a Chapter in another book, but I'm not sure if I have the time to devote to this project. Otherwise, I have a plan to update this book every so often. Particularly, every year, I have no intention of all of the resources of, the sections with new contacts and contact information. The resources are on hand for any person in the gaming industry. They contain information, which is the contact point for artists, musicians and Sound-effects for the people, and the online editors, as well as a list of �indie friendly press� and a list of words, the power (a marketing thing). Every year I have the intention to implement an updated list, the removal of one of the persons that are gone, and adding any person that are interested in participating. I have no intention to sell you this update of the resources as a PDF at a very low price, to put together the $5-$10, depending on the time, which leads me to you.

What was your biggest achievement so far?

Resulting i�ve done a lot in a short period of time. My greatest success could be as this book! But I donï¿I ½t think that this is what is meant. I think that this yearï play¿on the poster for the Festival of video, Regardless, is a good, one way or another, I had worked with 6 games nominated to help in the race to the forum, your promotion. Go to the GDC and the hand-in-hand with the people who helped me (at least partly) and it was really great. In the Second, probably, this is my first speaking appearance at a conference. In the past year, the indie Games conference in Eugene, a speaker didn�t show (we later learned that her car exploded on the road, but heï¿ok). Well, I'm glad to be here and to do my first show announced, at a conference as a guest - no wonder about the marketing of the panels. I just wish I could book mine! Unfortunately¿½t wasnï even thought of the time.

What would you say is the most common mistake made by independent developers?

Easy. You can do without. You, the fact is that very few people make money in your first game. Don�t consider a game that doesn't sell t failed. Learn as much as you can and will do better to buy (sell) the game. Use to help, building a community, even if that means to give it away for free, or free with every purchase of your next game (if it's not so bad, you could harm your reputation of someone in a game). Donï¿the abandonment of the product ½t, and don�t waiver of the production of the play. The games that sell best on the portals, because extreme levels of quality, design, graphics, and sound. However, there are many things to do, these games aren�t, and a lot of resources are still not exhausted. The key is, don�t do without. Take a page from Outpost Kaloki to Ninajbee (you spoke of him as a return client)- Outpost Kaloki for all standard sales is a failure. The didn�t do without, but his game is well-known for all kinds of places. It is not only the result of a series of "contract of employment", but also, it was shown by Microsoft and is one of the best-selling games for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade now. If you had taken out of the manufacturing game entirely, none of these options would be kept open for, even after the flop!

Something to add?

My buy the book? www.indiegameguide.com � or at least my blog reading: http://vgsmart.blogspot.com

Thank you! All profits are used to supply the power for my game addiction� or less of addiction with the diet of my daughter, and HIS game.

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Jennifer Moreno
Thank you! You made simple and easy. Every other video makes it so complicated lol
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That dish looks absolutely beautiful 😍
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